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''She waves magic into the music. ''

Erkan SEVİNÇ, Journalist

''She has the ability to identify and focus with compassion on the right challenges given through the music and so with, naturally improving her skills to better convey her personal musical ideas to the orchestra.


Her character makes it pleasure to work with her which and I can clearly recognize, that İlkim is striving to achieve professional excellence in the art of conducting on the highest level. ''

Sascha GOETZEL, Conductor 

''She has her personal insights into the music she is conducting and is able to make them distinctive and fascinating for her audience.


İlkim is definitely someone who is results driven and entrepreneurial. She not only has a vision but brings that to life. ''

Bernhard KERRES, CEO,

BYOM Academy, Vienna Concert House (2009)

İlkim YILMAZ, one of the most remarkable conductors of her generation in Turkey, is a music leader with extremely personal and convincing insights into music, and the courage to turn her timbre into reality on the podium.


She is the Music Director and Conductor of MÜZED Turkey Music Teachers Orchestra, which she continued its 5th season in 2023, and the Music Director and Conductor of Bilintur Women's Symphony Orchestra, which she founded together with Bilkent Holding tourism group Bilintur Company in 2019. She performed her debut  in opera with Brooklyn Chamber Opera and Pergolesi’s star opera buffa ‘La Serva Padrona’ in Istanbul last June. Since her debut on the professional podium in 2018, she continues to lead the nationwide symphonic repertoire with her podium performance, which is increasing in number and quality, she has gained the appreciation and attention of professionals and distinguished music listeners.

Next Events

.Classical Music in Wonderland

L'avare Alice- Ankara, TR

.MÜZED Turkish Music Teachers'


 Concert Hall- Ankara, TR

.Women's Symphony Orchestra

 Concert Hall - Ankara, TR

Next season concerts, dates will be announced.

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