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İlkim YILMAZ, one of the most remarkable conductors of her generation in Turkey, is a music leader with extremely personal and convincing insights into music, and the courage to turn her timbre into reality on the podium. She has gained the admiration and attention of professionals and distinguished music listeners with his podium performances, the number and quality of which are increasing day by day, and her concerts throughout the country.

She is the Music Director and Conductor and Founder of Women's Symphony Orchestra, which she founded together with Bilkent Holding tourism group Bilintur Company in 2019.  She performed her debut  in opera with Brooklyn Chamber Opera and Pergolesi’s star opera buffa ‘La Serva Padrona’ in Istanbul in 2022 June.

İlkim YILMAZ, a multi-instrumentalist and passionate music history researcher, who made her first studio recording at the age of 16, has served as Music Director in many professional, volunteer and educational orchestras in the last five years, demonstrating her communication skills as a successful music leader.

YILMAZ, who works in the field of education as well as her concert program, gives seminars on the art of conducting, and gives master classes on "Intonation, Color and Timbre in the Symphony Orchestra" with young orchestras.


She graduated from Baskent University State Conservatory Composition and Music Theory department with a 'High Honor Title' and a degree in 2017. She learned the art of conducting in the classes of Turkey's leading conductors Burak Tüzün, Renkm GÖKMEN and Işın METİN, and worked for many years on basic conducting techniques, score reading, and interpretation in orchestral music with these distinguished maestros.

The conductor's hobbies include world history, aviation and gastronomy.

"She waves magic into
the music"

                             - Erkan SEVİNÇ, Journalist

. Women's Chamber/Symphony Orchestra

(Music Director 2019 - )

. MUZED Music Teachers' Orchestra

(Music Director 2018 - 2023 )

. Middle East Technical University Fine Art Society Orchestra and Choir 

(Music Director 2017- 2018 )

. İzmir Youth Orchestra

(Music Director 2018 - 2019 )

. Brooklyn Chamber Opera (Tr)

. Cinema Symphony Orchestra

 . Capital Chamber Orchestra

. Dream Stage Symphony/Youth Orchestra

. Trabzon Fine Arts High School Youth Orchestra

. Ankara University of Music and Fine Arts Youth Orchestra

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