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Signature Orchestras

Classical Music in Wonderland (2024 - )

If there was classical music in the famous Wonderland of the famous Alice, what would it be like?

Absolutely it would definitely be a quietly subjective and fascinating piece of music in which each listener lives their own story.

Presenting classical music to the listeners in an interactive way outside the concert halls, www combines the imagination of the listeners with music. It is similar to narrated concerts but focuses on imagination rather than theoretical knowledge. The audience in the hall determines the story and the end of the story, and in this way they establish a personal relationship with classical music.

Classical Music in Wonderland will make its debut with White Rabbit Strings on the stage on one of the  unique hall of Ankara, the capital of Turkey in April 2024.


Women's Symphony Orchestra (2019 - )

'Success Has No Gender '

Milliyet Newspaper, Ankara'TR (8.03.19)

Women’s Symphony Orchestra was founded as Bilintur Women's Chamber Orchestra by Bilintur Company a group of tourism companies affiliated with Bilkent Holding (Ankara, TR) with its music director İlkim YILMAZ in 2019 January.

The most distinctive feature of the orchestra is that it includes qualified classical music arrangements of the works of Turkish female composers and poetess. At the same time, the whole orchestra and the orchestral conductor consist entirely of professional female musician from the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Of The Republic of Turkey, Ministry Of Culture And Tourism State Opera And Ballet, Hacettepe University Symphony Orchestra and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.

The main purpose of the Bilintur Women's Chamber Orchestra is to introduce Turkish female composers and poetess to the world by perform in prestigious classical music festivals.


As Bilintur Women's Chamber Orchestra family, our business alliance, for signature music and a delightful concert we look forward to contacting you with excitement.


Women's  Symphony    Orchestra


The two visual works on this page were designed by photographer Sükrü Mehmet ÖMÜR specifically for İlkim YILMAZ in 2023.

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